goooooood morning vietnam!

another day, another dollar!

at first, I started the day right with gooood and all-time classic music:

after I boomed the shit so loud that even the neighbors thought that this dog was actually barkin’ right next to them, I’m now getting ready to finish our recent project:

2000 & 11 Trackz,

a mixtape produced by my RasClaAths Mechanic Maniac and Mr. Musoke, with me and them spittin’ over dope beatz…

I will release the first tune called RasClaAth Mzees in the next few weeks over soundcloud , linked to ths blog:

keepin’ it rasclaathed, babey!


yo earthlings!

yo, ahoi, servus & peace to all my rasclaath peeps!

finally…┬áDIZOE‘s RasClaAthed4Life-blog goes online!

this site will feature any type of weird, funny and dope stuff in my life – such as:

GRAFF (on wall and paper, members of my crew (RCA), actions…)

MUSIC (music I listen to as well as mine…)

or just RASCLAATH things… which means anything; from photo-posts up to crazy thoughts!

I will update this from time to time,