33 days and countin’

what up folks?

I know ur askin urself this: ‘what the heck means ’33 day and countin’…?’
I tell u what it means:
that we only have to wait for 33 more days until this winter is over!
the beginning of spring is the 20th of  march, 6:14 o’clock – I can’t wait for it!

how was ur winter? mine wasn’t so good.. I was fooled once again by love.. all I can say to this is:

Mike Skinner is a fuckin’ genius!  to bad that he is retiring.. his music helped me through rough times!

but u all know it.. when ur in a bad mood – u got to come back! life ur life, u only got one!
and this attitude is  the reason why we’re still here, 2012 is goona be the year of the RasClaAth-dragon!

check this photos, just a few impressions of what the world is goin’ to see in the upcoming warmer months:

I hope u like these photos.. I tried to show u some more personal stuff..
2012 is gonna be a good year.. no matter what some people (including the maya) say!
life is to short to be angry so.. just live and enjoy every single moment.

check also this dope tune by my homey KEON_RCA..

that’s all for the moment, I hope u people are fine.. keep it FiNeStYlE!
sincerely yours,


New Years Eve Recap

What up everyone?

New fuckin’ year, new dope stuff!
Check dem vidzzz:

–> me and my homey MANIAC, doin’ what we can do good: killin’ the mic!
…just another tune of the upcoming EP 2000 & 11 / 12 Trackz – check the playlist for more!


–> me and my homey KEON, doin’ what we can do best: killing the wall!
…@ 189 – OBERREUT (RasClaAth Jam) 


check dem piczzz:

I wish u all a nice start in the year of style 2012 – Let’s go!

sincerely yours,


2000 & 11/12 Tracks

hello folks!

our newest RasClaAth-MuSiC project is going to be finished and released until the end of the year, you can call it an Xmas gift! 😉
it’s title is ”2000 & 11/12 Tracks
the sampler contains eleven hip-hop head banging tunes for free!

check the cover:

I was inspired by some Marvel Characters, I think it turned out very well!

this project is a FineStylez/RCA collabo:
me and my boyz MUSOKE/MSK and MANIAC rappin’ over dope beatz… check it out!

the first tune ”RasClaAth Mzees” was released the day before yesterday via KEON’s youtube-channel:

pump it!

speaking of my buddy KEON: today is his birthday, so congrats homey!

I tried some new stuff on this joint, hope u guys like it!

sincerely yours,


a sign of life…

what up folks?

It was very quiet for a long time now up in here.. time to come back!

check the newest R4sCl4Ath-tune, KEON featuring DIZOE :

the beat was produced by KOOL KEON LAST, an amazing graff- and rap-artist and one of my best friends. check his youtube channel.. it’s worth visiting!


okay, enough of this music stuff!

here is something for the eye, a random collection of pieces – all of them are productions done by my crew RCA.. :

I hope you’ll like what you see and hear.. @ all the real heads out there: keep it street, keep that hip-hop thing alive!



yo earthlings!

yo, ahoi, servus & peace to all my rasclaath peeps!

finally… DIZOE‘s RasClaAthed4Life-blog goes online!

this site will feature any type of weird, funny and dope stuff in my life – such as:

GRAFF (on wall and paper, members of my crew (RCA), actions…)

MUSIC (music I listen to as well as mine…)

or just RASCLAATH things… which means anything; from photo-posts up to crazy thoughts!

I will update this from time to time,